Time - Riff Raff (Neon Icon)
I love this song for several reasons, but let’s start with the most important: Before ever hearing a Riff Raff song I decided he was a horrible rapper because I didn't like the way he looked. I was very upset with this man who just seemed like he was trying to appropriate rap culture to make some money. It didn’t help that I saw James Franco in Spring Breakers and continued to add to my list of “Reasons to Hate Riff Raff Without Actually Listening to Riff Raff.” When people tell me to go watch his funny YouTube videos to gain a sense of who this guy is and why people love him it makes me want to puke. I don’t give a shit how funny someone is making a YouTube video.... I WANT TO KNOW IF THEIR LYRICS ARE ANY GOOD. You know how many people nowadays became famous through dumb videos on YouTube and now think they can rap? (We're not opening that can of worms) So, after a very heated internal debate, I decided to download the Neon Icon album and give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised.
Don’t get distracted by Riff Raff's poor spelling and crazy ass infatuation with using Versace and Gucci as adjectives (genius move, though). This guy can make some good music. His beats are like a crazy mix between funky southern hip-hop, a whole bunch of DJ Screw, and some very particular sounds that only Jody Highroller could come up with (that's his alter ego). Once you’re able to get past the codeine castles and PETA approved blue dog die, you'll find some deep lyrics that actually talk about some shit he's going through (maybe just for this song though). 
“Time” gives us just that. We see Riff Raff for who he really is. Just a simple guy trying to make it big and dealing with problems that anyone can relate to. I actually don’t think Riff Raff is trying too hard to be something he’s not. If you accept him for exactly who he is (weird, crazy dude who likes bright colors, drugs, ridiculous tattoos, and drinks too much Monster) then you will be able to enjoy his music without trying to compare him to other rappers such as Kendrick, Drake, or Kanye. Jody isn’t like any of those rappers. He created a niche of his own and feels perfectly comfortable doing his thing for the people who support him. Please, give yourself a chance and listen to this album. If you don’t like it, then you can come back and tell me I’m crazy.
Not ALL Riff Raff music is good. His follow-up album "Peach Panther" was very disappointing. 
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