St. Louie - Nelly (Country Grammar) 
Yes, we all know "Country Grammar" is the song that put Nelly on the map and "Ride Wit Me" is the throwback everyone sings when it's played on the radio. But St. Louie is the one that really caught my ear the first time I heard this album. I will admit, it was probably because "Country Grammar" passed the Mom Test and "St. Louie" was immediately skipped when he said, “Others just smoke and fuck all day.” I feel like Kanye when it comes to that. Every time someone else says they hate something I’m much more likely to gravitate towards that specific thing. 
I guess you could call it the hipster in me, but that's beside the point. Don’t sleep on Nelly here people. We all know he’s making country music now and for a time wore an adhesive strip (Band-Aid is a brand name!) way longer than he needed to. Don’t get fooled by that Nelly. The Nelly on this song had nicknames for his guns and was calling out New York rappers like no big deal. I remember he gave a shout out to Cedric the Entertainer and I had just watched "Original Kings of Comedy." It’s basically like an early 2000s pop culture checklist with all the references he drops. Bonus, Nelly’s got you screaming out the names of like four different St. Louis neighborhoods, and you have no idea. On top of all of that, the best line from the song has its roots from an ageless Christopher Wallace line. Nelly’s just trying to teach the kids how to spell!
I’m from the M-I-crooked-letter-crooked-letter-O-U-R-I
Big shout out to Nelly and 2Chainz helping every spell check dependent youngster out figure out how to spell Missouri and Mississippi. 
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