Game's Pain - The Game feat. Keyshia Cole  (LAX) 
This is a happy song. Whenever this song starts playing, I can’t help but wish I was driving a convertible so I could put the top down and throw five hundred one-dollar bills in the air while blasting my speakers so loud I’d blow yet another car’s sound system (sorry dad, mom, and grandma). One of the biggest gripes people have about The Game is he name-drops too many other rappers on his songs. “Jesus, can’t this dude talk about anything except other people?” 
You don’t get it, do you? The Game doesn’t name-drop to dick ride anyone or get his reputation up. He names-drops to pay homage and respect. He does it because he’s letting people know this is the way he thinks. These are the things he connects with and the ideas that come to him on a daily basis. 
Many of my friends say that I have a rap line for any situation. What I’m actually doing is just using the music I love to describe life, because that’s what artists do for us. Jayceon Taylor grew up to be a famous rapper, but he never forgot the people who inspired him in the first place. Contrary to popular opinion, I respect him more for this because he’s not scared to show who he admires. There are too many rappers today who disrespect the old school for no reason. Listen, there’s no stone carving that says you have to listen to 36 Chambers for five days straight before you’re allowed to start rapping. Everyone just assumes if you’re such a fan of the genre you already do this. If you don’t, that's your own decision to make. 
Too many props are given to young rappers who say “fuck the old school” while we’re criticizing others for simply paying their respects. I like that Game does his thing and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone says. If you pay attention to the cameos in this music videos, as well as the features throughout his career, you’ll see other rappers show him the same type of respect. So, stop hating for the sake of hating and try to find a good spin on things for once. One day, when I’m a famous rapper, I hope I can pay homage to everyone the same way Game does. Until then, I still have my red-laced Hurricanes from 8th grade that I forced my mom to go through heaven and hell to find me for Christmas. 
Hi, mom!
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